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the vegetables


Our company's extensive supply and production chain, which includes thousands of farmers and producers of various fruits throughout Iran


The art of tea cultivation as an aromatic plant in Iran is well-known for many years. Brew our black tea which is a blend of tea leaves, buds, and flowers, with the result that the final product has a rich taste. You will not find any bitter flavor or unpleasant aftertaste in tea.

Grape Molasses

The grape molasses contains vitamins A, B, C and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. This syrup is one of the grape products that is obtained from grape juice and is very nutritive and has dozens of properties.

Date Syrup

Date syrup has the same properties as dates. Consumption of one teaspoon of this product which is highly rich in phosphorus and iron in the morning will activate nerve cells and also prevent anemia.

Date Zahedi

Zahedi date is considered to be a semi-dry variety and is grown in tropical areas of Iran around Fars and Kerman province. It is yellow to light brown, round in size, meaty, with high durability which its moisture is less than other kinds of Date fruits.

Date Piarom

Piarom dates are unique in taste and appearance known as black-brown, long, slender, and sweet dates cultivated in southern Iran and in the province of Hormozgan. The skin and the texture are separable and it is one the most luxurious dates in the world.

Date Mazafati

The most common type of fresh date for snacking and table eating is Mazafati. Source of energy and nutritional elements for all generations. We can mention these characteristics among all features of Mazafati dates. The black, shiny, thin skin can be easily removed. Also, Mazafati dates have a lot of juice and their taste is very sweet.

Date Medjool

Medjool dates are now grown in warm climates, they have a single pit surrounded by edible flesh larger, darker, and more caramel-like in taste than other common types. They are an excellent source of phytonutrients, high in fiber, vitamin and fend off fatigue.

Fruits Rock Candy

The honey tastes rock candy or smoky of that are surrounding Jujube fruit, red raspberry, dried fig, lemon verbena, dried apple, dried orange, dried kiwi, black mulberry, cinnamon, and many other herbs and dried fruit. These wrapped herbs and dried fruits sweeten and nutrient your beverages. 

Super Negin

Pungent Saffron filaments harvested by hand from Crocus Sativus are the world’s costliest spice by weight and just a few stigmas will give a strong and intense burst of aroma, color, and flavor. It is originated in Iran mainly used for seasoning and dying different dishes or drinks. By its positive control on Serotonin Hormone, it decreases depression and enhances the circulatory and digestive system.


Dried Apple

Prefer a bowl of potato chips full of cholesterol or a plate of natural sweet chips? The smell arose from a plate full of dried golden apples' rings, a healthy, nutritious, and light snack that contains natural sweetness. Rich in vitamins and chewy enough for an ideal refreshment. With the help of the traditional method of drying fruit, we produce these crispy orderly slices which are high in demand because of their glorious quality. Enjoy your movie time healthily.

Dried Orange


If you are looking for oranges on hot sunny summer days and also you care about your health, the fragrant orange slices of organic orange fruits are the best choice. The pleasant smell of this product makes people use them as hanging ornaments while meditating in a quite scented room.

Dried Strawberry

The appetizing aroma of elegant slices of life is necessary for every single family member. These reddish mouth-watering dried strawberries are the unique choice for your diet. Nourish your everyday meal with these blood purifiers.

Dried Kiwi

Consuming the king of vitamin C in every season is possible. Here among our native kiwifruits, we prepared sliced and dried ones ready for your daily snack time. The sharp sour taste of them can make an amazing smoothie for the young generation or they can be used as an ice-cream topping on boiling hot summer days and also one of the crucial ingredients of granola.


Dried Banana

Believe it or not there has been always a tiara on king banana fruit. Apart from its position in the family’s basket, the banana is one of the precious fruit since the ancient eras thanks to its nutritious potentials like loads of minerals and fibers. Fill up your oatmeal with sweet dried slices of banana to enrich your breakfast and enjoy the sugary savor.

Rock Candy

Rock Candy (Nabat) acts as an Anti-flatulence diuretic and laxative. It cures cough and cold. Could be used to get rid of phlegm. Nothing is more relaxing and stress reliever than a cup of sweet tea on a busy afternoon. The sugary rock candies flavored with Saffron, Cinnamon, Squaw mint, Viper's bugloss, Hibiscus, Ginger are a tasty option.

Dried Peach

Even on freezing days of the year, the fragrant crunchy peaches can be available for your refreshments. Add slices of dried peaches to yogurt, salad, or oatmeal to fight against the skin wrinkles and brighten your complexion.

Dried Mango

Sometimes a Sunday afternoon needs not only the sweetest but also the healthiest natural fruit chips. A cool opportunity for tropical fruit lovers. Dried mangos are warm-nature and the best source of antioxidants.


If you are concerned about beauty and health do not neglect Almonds. Several potential health benefits and a variety of forms such as sliced, flaked, slivered, as flour, oil, butter, or almond milk have sophisticated these seeds which are generally known as nuts. Almonds provide a wide range of nutrients for athletes and ameliorate oxidative stress, inflammation.


A brain-like seed is consuming as a nut and it does intensify the function of the brain. It is a bit of an understatement to say that walnuts are a nutritious food! Fibers, vitamins, and minerals are just the beginning of how they may support your health. 


Naturally from hive to jar. Golden active bees are efforting all day long to find out this sweet and viscous substance among the flowers and plants to us.  Once you taste our honey, you want more of it to sweeten your moments and heal everything.

Pistachio Fandoghi

Fandoghi pistachio is one of the Round type pistachios that is considered an economical nut because of its small roundish size. It is great in protein and nutritional value.

Pistachio Kalle Ghouchi

Kalle Ghouchi pistachio is one of the Round type pistachios that is in jumbo size and the most famous and luxurious pistachios around the world cultivated in Rafsanjan City in Iran.

Pistachio Akbari

Akbari pistachio is one of the Long type pistachios that is super long and is famous for its highest shape index. The height of the head and end of the pistachio are almost the same. It is mostly harvested in Kerman and Khorasan Province.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the Long type pistachios that is larger than Fandoghi and the most smiling pistachios that are easy to crack open and enjoy the tasty flavor.