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Crispy Apple

Just Imagine that apple slice by using new technology preserve its peak flavor and physical integrity and still as sweet as it can be.

Crispy Orange

Do not be worried about the amount of vitamin C you expect from an orange. Freeze-dried oranges contain most of the natural potentials and they remain for a long period of time.

Crispy Strawberry

Without artificial flavors, fake sugars, coloring, or anything else enjoys tasty strawberries as if they were plucked right out of nature. Puffy pink and nourished slices

Crispy Kiwi

Consuming the king of vitamin C in every season is possible. Here among our native kiwifruits, we prepared sliced and dried ones ready for your daily snack time. The sharp sour taste of them can make an amazing smoothie for the young generation or they can be used as an ice-cream topping on boiling hot summer days and also one of the crucial ingredients of granola.

Crispy Banana

Believe it or not there has been always a tiara on king banana fruit. Apart from its position in the family’s basket, the banana is one of the precious fruit since the ancient eras thanks to its nutritious potentials like loads of minerals and fibers. Fill up your oatmeal with sweet dried slices of banana to enrich your breakfast and enjoy the sugary savor.

Crispy Peach

Even on freezing days of the year, the fragrant crunchy peaches can be available for your refreshments. Add slices of dried peaches to yogurt, salad, or oatmeal to fight against the skin wrinkles and brighten your complexion.