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By Admin/ Date 07/01/2021

World celebrations and occasions are the best opportunities to bring people together and make life more joyful and pleasant. Sharing and eating fruits together was soon made up to International Fruit Day which is celebrated July 1st each year for this purpose. In this article, we did our best to introduce this event and remind you of the existence of all sorts of fruit at any time of the year by consuming dried or crispy fruits.

Is there anything better than a delicious Dried fruit salad?

There are many occasions in the world calendar and it is usually named with several occasions every day of the year. These occasions are usually chosen and proposed autonomously all over the world. Many of these proposals are not very well received and are gradually forgotten. However, some of them, which refer to an important issue and global concern and have been carefully designed, are universally welcomed and spread in different countries.

One of the global occasions that have met with great success despite its short life is World Fruit Day. World Fruit Day is an excuse to take small steps to build a kinder, more humane, and more peaceful world. Following the global reception of World Fruit Day, the UN General Assembly declared 2021 as the World Year of Fruits and Vegetables and made FAO the main sponsor of this year's celebration. According to UN documents, this year is an opportunity to raise awareness of the role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, food security, and health.

The idea for World Fruit Day dates back to 2007 in Germany. That year, a number of social work students and alumni from the Alice Solomon University of Applied came together and concluded that the most important issue in the world today is to provide a healthy meal for all human beings. They also decided to choose one fruit as the fruit of the year each year and announce a slogan for World Fruit Day. The motto is “create change together “and watermelon is chosen ad the Fruit of the year 2021. 

International Fruit Day annually takes place on 1st July at many places worldwide where people share their favorite fruit with others. The aim is to share fruits in sympathy and joy with family, friends, or needy people, we can share the wide range of fruit of the years regardless of seasonal restrictions by Zaetar dried and crispy fruits.

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